Study Support Classes for Children

There are Study Support Classes for elementary and junior-high school students with roots abroad. 

There are several classes available, with volunteers, at International Lounge and the District Center.

Classes in Midori Ward


●Class at Midori International Lounge
・“Study Support Classes Polaris”   Saturdays 13:00-14:45 13:00-14:45

※For an application or inquiries, please contact each class.


1-6-15 Nakayama, Midori-ku, 
Yokohama Palm View Building 5th and 6th floor
TEL:045-532-3548 FAX:045-532-3549



Open Hours : 9:30-18:00
(Wednesday 9:30-21:00)

Closed on Tuesdays and New Year holidays
(December 29-January 3)