Consultation Services

We provide foreign residents with information on daily life and respond to requests forconsultation and inquiries. We dispatch volunteer interpreters to administrative institutions such as public elementary and junior high schools and ward office.

We provide “Living Guidance” in easy Japanese and other languages.
Consultation services are available by phone, in person, or online (reservations required).

TEL: 045-532-3548
Email: info@midori-lounge.com

Address: 〒226-0019 Palm View Building 5th and 6th floor, 1-6-15, Nakayama, Midori-ku, Yokohama

A two minute walk from the north exit of “Nakayama” station on the JR Yokohama Line and Municipal Subway Green Line

※ There are some steps at the entrance. If you need help with a stroller, please contact us before you arrive. If you will come to our lounge by wheelchair, please inform us in advance and we will arrange another place for you.


During the outbreak of COVID-19, we have the following requests to prevent infection.


・Those with a fever or cold symptoms are not allowed in the lounge.

・Lounge staff will check your temperature before entering the lounge.

・Please disinfect your hands before entering the lounge.

・No food or drinks are allowed in the lounge.

Thank you for your cooperation!



Service’s Calendar

Chinese    Mondays and Thursdays: 9:30-13:30

English     Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays: 9:30-18:00



Multilingual Consultation Services

Yokohama Association for International Communication and Exchanges (YOKE) 

You can consult in 11 different languages.

Further details, please ask at the lounge below.


Living Information Assistance

PDF (“Welcome Kit”)
Please visit us. Helpful pamphlets are available.

Yokohama city
Helpful information issued by Yokohama city.

Immigration Services Agency of Japan 
Other helpful information for life in Japan for foreign nationals is available here. 

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Work and life support information from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

MIC Kanagawa(Multi-language Information Center Kanagawa)
To receive help from an interpreter at the hospital.

Kanagawa International Foundation / International Community Hearty Kanagawa
A helpful medical questionnaire in 18 languages to bring to the hospital for quick understanding.     

■How to dispose of oversized garbages

You will know how to make a reservation for throwing oversized garbage with easy explanation.

Yokohama city
How to Dispose of Oversized Garbage.

Kanagawa Housing Support Center for Foreign Residents
For housing assistance.

Kanagawa Labor Bureau
List of public employment offices with interpreter availability information.

IPPO Midori-ward Child Care Support Center
A play area for children to come where parents can get helpful information about parenting and special assistance in Japan. 

About public high school entrance examinations.

■Yokohama Medical Association 
For finding medical institutions in Japanese language where  foreign languages are available


   Palm View Building 5th and 6th floor,
   1-6-15 Nakayama, Midori-ku, Yokohama


Open Hours 9:30-18:00
(Wednesday 9:30-21:00)

Closed on Sunday and New Year holidays
(December 29-January 3)

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