A Japanese class for beginners

This is a Japanese language class for those who are studying Japanese for the first time.  An 8 lesson course.

※Please check the top page for the schedule, or to contact our lounge.


Japanese classes for adults

There are Japanese language classes by Japanese volunteers in Midori Ward.

Classrooms are held in our lounge, district centers, care plazas, etc.

Japanese language classes in Midori Ward


Japanese Classes at the Midori Lounge 

“Voice Japanese Club” Wednesdays/Thursdays 10:15-11:45

“Asunaro Japanese Circle” Saturdays 10:00-11:30

※For an application or inquiries, please contact each class.

YOKE/Yokohama Association for international Communications and Exchanges



Useful Links for Japanese Study

For learning Japanese language and culture.

Agency for Cultural Affairs
A site with various introducing lessons on how to interact in Japanese.

A Japanese study website by NHK.


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